Impact on pupils will be:
  • MASTERS App as incentive to provoke entrepreneurial thinking & share information with personal network
  • Steadily growing entrepreneurial capability to successfully meet complex career/job challenges of everyday life
  • Increased level of digital skills in combination with learning approaches
  • Increased level of skills for employability (Raising employability rate among youth)
Impact on teachers and schools
  • Improved ability to understand and apply the new approach of entrepreneurial teaching in the mobile context
  • Increased capacity of providing digital competence (uptake of ICT) education for pupils by using the MASTERS App (interactive &game-based)
  • Practices for schools to foster entrepreneurial behaviour.
  • Awareness of the opportunity to provide entrepreneurial education via the mobile application channel as a by-product of standard curricular topics.

In the long run fostering entrepreneurial behaviour will prove advantageous for society with better practically skilled workforce and internalised entrepreneurial behaviour being a catalyst to growth and productivity. It has great potential of raising the employability rate among young people, entrepreneurial skills are already and will become more important in the labour market.