Study report about entrepreneurial learning in the mobile context

Output 1: Study Report

Teaching methods and material for entrepreneurial education in the mobile context

Output 2: Teaching Material

Learning content and material for pupils for entrepreneurial education in the mobile context

Output 3: Student Material

MASTERS Learning App – ICT tool

Output 4: MASTERS App

The main output will be a mobile entrepreneurial learning application. The App will be designed as upgrade and complement to the existing ESC content to better reach learners.

The App will consist of three elements:
  1. An e-learning and information course consisting of 20-30 short learning nuggets per module on the most crucial topics addressed within the ESC modules and the developed MASTER blended learning components.
  2. A quiz game covering core issues of the ESC modules. The quiz will present questions in a random order from a defined pool of quiz items. User can repeatedly play the quiz without knowing the questions and answers, resulting in an improved awareness of the contents on the users.
  3. Tip of the week: The tip will display alternating expert tips for “entrepreneurial” thinking or experiences. The tip will be easy to edit via the backend of the app and be filled with tips andexperiences from experts or teachers and most important from pupils themselves.